Christine Rugullies

Christine visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art many times in her youth, and was especially drawn to the paintings of Vermeer and Rembrandt. Although she drew and painted with watercolors, until recently, oils seemed an untouchable medium worthy only of the great masters.
Christine’s education was in music. She holds a degree in Piano from the Juilliard School of Music, teaches piano, and studies classical singing with John Corrie of Bates College.
In addition, Christine is a doll maker. During the past 23 years she has created over 5000 soft-sculpt dolls that she began selling at the Common Ground Country Fair in 1987 and still displays at the Cumberland Craft Fair and other venues. She has made and dressed many porcelain dolls as well, in the studio of Sandy Tracy of West Gardiner. Her doll website can be found at
At the Common Ground Fair Christine became interested in spinning. She has her own wheel and enjoys spinning wool, angora, alpaca, llama and silk fibers into homemade yarns of the novelty variety. During our chilly Maine winters Christine can often be seen wearing one of her homespun shawls. She is fascinated with lace patterns and is an accomplished knitter.
Christine is also a puppeteer who has created over eighty rod puppets. Her Peacemeal Players have performed for Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts audiences. Together with composer Susan Bingham, Christine created the puppet opera The Wild Swans, performing it for several tours in the New Haven area and in Boston. Recently Christine and one of her twelve grandchildren performed an educational puppet play about alpaca and silk fibers.
In 2008 Christine published her memoir Caryatid; Memoir of Life in a Religious Cult. The book has been available on and until further notice can be purchased directly from the author. Her photos and thoughts appear regularly at a recovery blog siteExample of a basic This winter she will be working on completing a volume of poetry.
Christine lives in a farmhouse that is over 100 years old, set on two and a quarter acres in Lisbon, Maine, where she enjoys working in the gardens.
Inspired by her daughter Maria C. Boord, Christine has in the last few years taken up oil painting with great delight and hopes soon to find her own voice in this lovely and expressive medium.



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